We are focused on food in today’s health-driven marketplace.

Health-Advantaged Marketing

The Food and Wellness Group is a marketing and consulting firm focused on the food industry. We specialize in health-advantaged marketing solutions to help clients grow their businesses in the health-and-wellness-driven marketplace. As a company, we are passionate about our role in helping to positively impact the health and well-being of our population–and our planet. We invite you to learn more about our services and our team members.

Taking on the Challenge

For more than two decades, Americans have been preached to and educated about eating more fruits and vegetables for better health. Increasing fruit and vegetables consumption has been one of the leading recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines For Americans (DGAs), as well as from most major health-promotion organizations in America—for a very long time. So, what has actually happened to consumption levels? Sadly, not much, even though people say the #1 reason for eating fruits and vegetables is “to stay healthy.” Now, The Colors of Health is taking on the challenge of increasing the consumption of fruits and veggies. Read More...

5? 7? 10? It’s Still 5.

A recent University College London study found that people who eat at least 7 “portions” and as many as 10 portions of fruits and veggies a day achieve dramatic increases in longevity. This has led to increased discussion, here and abroad, about promoting more ambitious daily targets. Some have raised questions about the prospects of introducing new messages and targets such as 7-a-day or 10-a-day. At The Colors of Health®, we believe there still exists significant awareness of, and equity in, the number 5 for fruits and veggies. However: that’s now 5 CUPS, not servings or portions. Read More....