The Food and Wellness Group (FWG) is a marketing consultancy in the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries. It is experienced in helping companies find and build a positioning strategy and executional game plan for product or service success in today’s health and wellness driven marketplace.

The Food and Wellness Group is especially experienced in the emerging world of “phytonutrients” and the discovery and development of “phyto-based” marketing and messaging strategies … positionings and executions that leverage “the phytonutrient angle” to a product or brands marketing story.

The FWG is also committed to working with businesses and organizations that have goals and objectives oriented towards “guiding, motivating, and moving” Americans to reach their recommended Dietary Guidelines of 5 cups a day for fruits and veggies for better health. The Colors of Health® and The Color Way® marketing propositions, both created and owned by the FWG, provide a foundational product marketing structure for discussing and ultimately working with business and organizations whose business goals would be directly and positively impacted by Americans who were “guided, motivated, and moved” to double their current daily consumption of colorful and healthy fruits and veggies …in all forms.

John SauveJohn Sauve – Principal/Consultant

John has over 40 years of marketing and executive management experience in the food, foodservice, beverage, and dietary supplement industries including strategic planning, research, advertising and promotion, new product, new concepts, and new business development.

John’s profile can be viewed on LinkedIn.