Marketing Cases

The following selected “short stories” about marketing successes present the challenges and solutions defined, developed, and executed in market by these companies with the marketing help of the Food and Wellness Group.

Wild Blueberry Association

From Commodity to Brand: Nature’s Antioxidant Superfruit

Over the course of two decades, we have partnered with the Wild Blueberry industry to transform their product from a commodity ingredient into a superfood icon that commands premium prices worldwide.  Full case study

Produce for Better Health Foundation

Breakthrough Strategy: 5 A Day the Color Way

Working with the Produce for Better Health Foundation, we created a national campaign that infused energy, clarity, and results into the 5 A Day message, making it easy for consumers to “eat their colors.” Full case study

Ganeden Biotech

Branding Friendly Bacteria: GanedenBC30 Probiotic

We created a highly differentiating brand for “GanedenBC30,” a patented strain of probiotic bacteria, elevating its visibility in the food ingredient sector and taking a leadership role in probiotic brand marketing.  Full case study

Penobscot McCrum

Product Repositioning: Nutrition Packed Potato Power

With our help, this Maine family-owned potato specialty company is refocusing attention on the nutritional benefits of potatoes, becoming a leader in the health-based marketing of an all-American staple food. Full case study

The Cheeses of France

The French Paradox: Parlez-vous Fromage?

In a first-of-its kind shopper marketing campaign for imported French cheeses, we opened up a conversation between American cheese lovers and the producers of some of the finest cheeses in the world. Full case study