Dole Frozen Fruit

Frozen Category Leadership: Just as Nutritious as Fresh

How does a national leader in fresh produce become the leader in the frozen category? Health advantaged marketing. Our team helped Dole launch its new line of frozen fruit with a compelling, first-in-category health story, reinforcing the FDA’s findings that “frozen is just as nutritious as fresh,” and building on our in-depth understanding of the role color plays in healthy eating.

A key element in executing Dole’s Frozen Fruit Marketing Plan was our trade program, developed to educate, motivate and arm the sales force as they ventured into the new frozen fruit category. A trade brochure and full-page ads supported sales efforts. On the consumer side, we created supermarket point-of-sale materials and FSIs.

Healthier Shopper Marketing Strategy

In a new, 2011 initiative with Dole, we helped mount a campaign to encourage supermarkets to merchandise their frozen fruit together with frozen vegetables, creating one, healthy, colorful department for frozen produce.  Rescuing frozen fruit from the frozen dessert aisle where it typically languishes is a strategy that promises to increase purchase of frozen fruit and also encourage more overall consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables.

The key: market the health and convenience of frozen fruits and vegetables to consumers looking for an easy way to eat better.

With trade ads, featuring the Dole logo as a rising sun, we spread the word that the “biggest name in fresh was about to become the biggest name in frozen.
We developed a new sales brochure that positioned Dole’s new frozen products as “just as nutritious as fresh” and reinforced the connection between color and health.
Shopper marketing communications emphasized the health benefits of colorful fruits while incorporating the “just as nutritious as fresh” messaging. We added a Mixed Berry Smoothie recipe with coupon to motivate trial.
We created point-of-sale materials to help promote Dole’s new frozen fruit product to shoppers, drawing attention to colorful frozen fruit that’s just as healthy as fresh.
We helped Dole pitch their concept of taking a “fresh approach to the frozen aisle” in the supermarket, by framing up the benefits of a combined Frozen Produce department. With health the key driver, both frozen produce sales and frozen produce eaters stand to benefit.