Ganeden Biotech

Branding Friendly Bacteria: Ganeden BC30 Probiotic

Probiotics are one of the fastest-growing categories in the functional food marketplace. Once known primarily as the live cultures that make yogurt good for you, probiotic bacteria strains are now being developed for use in a wide range of foods, from dairy to chocolate to beverages. The Food and Wellness Group immersed itself in the emerging world of probiotics to understand the challenges and opportunities in this healthy product category.

Working with Ganeden Biotech, we created a highly differentiating brand identity and brand mark for their patented strain of probiotic bacteria called “Ganeden BC30,” elevating its visibility in the food ingredient sector and taking a leadership role in probiotic brand marketing. The concept of ingredient branding a probiotic strain was both innovative and effective in defining a new marketing role and visibility for Ganeden BC30.

Ganeden BC30 is positioned as the probiotic “that survives” the tough manufacturing procedures, making it the ideal ingredient for processed products seeking a healthy profile.


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The Ganeden BC30 brand mark distinguished the daily probiotic brand, Sustenex.