Penobscot McCrum

Product Repositioning: Nutrition Packed Potato Power

Penobscot McCrum is a fifth-generation, Maine family-owned potato business with a history of product innovation and leadership. As they ventured into a new era of potato specialty processing, the company was looking for a way to capitalize on the health benefits of their 100% Maine baked potato products.

Our strategy: let the public in on one of the best-kept secrets in the produce arena: Baked potatoes are the #1 dietary source of potassium (yes, a lot more than bananas!).  According the USDA, Americans need more potassium in their diets, making potassium-rich baked potatoes a new health hero.  In an era when the French fry is the persona non grata of the nutrition world, we are leading the effort to reclaim the potato’s position as a healthy vegetable.

We created a new brand identity package and communications tools, including a comprehensive new website, to tell our client’s “nutrient-packed potato power” story to both foodservice and retail channels, as we help Penobscot McCrum bring new, health-oriented products to the marketplace.


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You Say Potatoes, We Say Potassium. Our team led the effort to capture the potassium health benefits of baked potatoes. When the USDA released its most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans, potassium was listed as a nutrient we need to increase in our diets. This gave us the ideal platform from which to raise the health profile of the potassium-rich potato.