The Colors of Health®

Despite countless, well-intended, public- and nonprofit-sector efforts, Americans have gained little ground in achieving the most widely agreed-upon dietary recommendation. Now, the Colors of Health® is introducing an integrated marketing initiative to address the national challenge of increasing per capita consumption of colorful fruits and veggies from the current 2.5 cups per day to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) recommendation of 5 Cups a Day for better health.


F=Fruit V=Vegetable * 2015 DGA **Source: NHANES/WWEIA/DGAC

The Colors of Health is a color-guided, goal-oriented, marketing initiative designed to actively engage people in buying and eating a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables in all forms, so they can reach 5 Cups a Day for better health. With its Color Way™ Guidance System, and its Daily Engagement Tools™, The Colors of Health will change the way people think about buying and eating fruits and vegetables.

Color Is The Guide.  Engagement is the Key.

The key strategy in The Colors of Health® initiative is daily, active engagement through color. The well-publicized, science-based, 5-color guidance system, originally developed as “The Color Way™” by the founders of The Colors of Health®, forms the mechanism that guides consumers in shopping for, and eating, a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables.

The variety in the 5 color groups (red, yellow-orange, white-brown, green, and blue-purple) signals the full spectrum of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and colorful phytochemicals that are necessary for daily nutrition and long-term health. It is almost impossible to eat something from each of the 5 color groupings without increasing variety and quantity.

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