Supermarkets: “Architects of Choice”

The supermarket environment is one of the most influential settings in which people can be directly influenced to change their buying and eating behavior for fruits and vegetables in all their forms (fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice).

“As architects of choice, supermarkets have a unique opportunity to help shoppers achieve better health goals. If we can find healthy ways to harness the power of the store environment, we’ll go a long way toward showing parents how to make healthy choices.” – Sam Kass, former White House Assistant Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives

Colors-of-Health-Supermarket325With an average of 400-500 million shopper occasions per week to over 36,000 retail outlets, the Produce Department is the single-most-critical setting in which to educate and motivate shoppers to buy more and eat more fruits and vegetables. This colorful destination is the healthiest and most engaging place in the supermarket, where the color-communicated health benefits of fruits and vegetables help shoppers make the most important, nutritious choices. Supermarkets, especially those with Registered Dietitians on staff, can do more than other organizations, institutions or agencies to educate, influence, and guide shoppers toward the achievement of 5 Cups a Day for better health.

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, (DGA) recommend that most people should consume 3 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit, for a total of about 5 Cups a Day for better health. The number 5 has long been identified with a targeted produce consumption level. The Food and Wellness Group is mission-driven and passionate about helping Americans reach 5 Cups a Day for better health. We are committed to making our Colors of Health initiative and its core shopper marketing and consumer education initiative, the #1 solution for increasing sales and consumption of fruits and vegetables in all forms — leading to a healthier generation of Americans.

The Daily Tools of Engagement

The concept of daily active engagement is woven into the key messaging of The Colors of Health® initiative. Both in-store and outside of the shopping environment, The Colors of Health® Daily Tools of Engagement™ use the 5-color system to guide the “colorful pathway to purchase” and help make it easier—and more fun—to plan, buy, eat, and then track colors and cups every day. The Colors of Health® motivates and activates consumer commitment to the 5 Cups a Day goal. Please contact us to learn more about the far-reaching in-store and out-of-store possibilities of the national launch of The Colors of Health initiative.


  • According to the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s State of the Plate report, only 1% of Americans get their combined 5 cups a day of fruits and vegetables.
  • The 5 Cups a Day target is an average. Specific amounts will vary according to age, gender and activity levels.

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