Penobscot McCrum

Product Repositioning: Nutrition Packed Potato Power

Penobscot McCrum is a fifth-generation, Maine family-owned potato business with a history of product innovation and leadership. As they ventured into a new era of potato specialty processing, the company was looking for a way to capitalize on the health benefits of their 100% Maine baked potato products.

Our strategy: let the public in on one of the best-kept secrets in the produce arena: Baked potatoes are the #1 dietary source of potassium (yes, a lot more than bananas!).  According the USDA, Americans need more potassium in their diets, making potassium-rich baked potatoes a new health hero.  In an era when the French fry is the persona non grata of the nutrition world, we are leading the effort to reclaim the potato’s position as a healthy vegetable.

We created a new brand identity package and communications tools, including a comprehensive new website, to tell our client’s “nutrient-packed potato power” story to both foodservice and retail channels, as we help Penobscot McCrum bring new, health-oriented products to the marketplace.


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Nutrient-Packed Potato Power. The new website also provided health and nutrition information for both trade and consumer audiences, building the Nutrient-Packed Potato Power story. We also launched the “Mainely Potatoes” blog, providing another forum for talking potatoes.